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  2. sturmgalan said: So I've been looking at sewing machines (the very first that will be my own!), and was wondering whether you had any recs? Especially given the heavy-duty sort of sewing cosplay tends to require.

    The kind of sewing machine I have at the moment is a Singer Brilliance—- it works really well and has a lot off different stitch choices, comes with a lot of different footers, and one of the best I’ve used.

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  4. Personal Sewing-

    Hey, sorry for the lack of activity going on here—- I’ve been busy training for my new job and all, so yeah. I’ll try to fill up the queue tomorrow and start posting again.

    I just felt like sharing some more personal sewing— I made a wallet. I’ll post the tutorial for it tomorrow.

    It was actually very simple to make and I’m even considering making more to sell—- without messing up on them (it’s not noticeable but still).

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  5. This is just cute—- I love it when things smile at me.

    This is just cute—- I love it when things smile at me.

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